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When you remodel your bathroom, consider a walk in shower

Posted on Fri, May 15, 2015

Walk In ShowerWalk in showers have come to epitomize the modern bathroom. On the practical side, they simply make taking a shower easy and pleasant. There is no need to climb into a clumsy bathtub. The flat slip-proof floor is very safe. Walk in showers are often recommended for people with balance problems or disabilities because of the simplicity of entry. The showers can be designed to allow for seats with appropriately placed controls and hoses.

Shower Décor

Walk in showers are elegant additions to bathroom décor. They are continuous with the bathroom floor, often separated from the rest of the bathroom by a partial wall, perhaps a small rim to prevent water spillage, often an elegant curtain or a sliding glass panel. There are no complicated parts, presenting few chances for anything to break or leak.


Space Considerations

The bathtub takes a lot of floor space. It is designed to allow for nearly the full length of an adult body, which means the bathtub usually takes the total width of an average bathroom. The walk in shower can be any size. It can be a luxurious spa-like space that can look like a room in itself. It can also be booth-like, providing just enough space for an adult to stand or sit comfortably. If you have a small bathroom, or contemplate designing another bathroom in a small space, a walk in shower can be an option. The open design of a walk in shower creates the illusion of more space. Half the width of the average bathroom can be set aside for another use if it is not taken up by the width of the tub.


Leisurely Mood

People find that the extra space feel provided by the walk in shower reduces the sense of clutter in the bathroom design. The walk in shower needn't have sides or edges. Walls can be made of glass to enhance the impression of space. The sense of space even in a relatively small bathroom can make you feel calmer. The easy access and the sense of control when you take a shower can remove significant stress. It may not seem like much but you can receive an important mood benefit from installing a walk in shower.

Cleaning Efficiency

The walk in shower is made of smoothly fitting tile or easy cleaning materials. There are few sharp corners and joints, very few places for water to collect and fewer places for dirt and grime to accumulate. The shower installation is all accessible easily which makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.


The minimalist design of a walk in shower includes fewer individual parts than a traditional tub design. There are fewer connections and joints that can crack or break. Modern materials used in the construction of a walk in shower are very durable and very low maintenance. There is no separate tub to mount over the floor of the bathroom. There is no thin enamel coat or finish to wear. In normal use, the walk in shower can last a lifetime.

Special Design Capability

Fitting a regular shower with water jets or halogen lighting can be very complicated and expensive. But it can easily be made a part of the installation of a customized walk in shower. You can customize your shower space with many other special features. Some walk in shower models come with waterproof radios or speaker systems.

Wheel Chair Accessibility

If someone in your family uses a wheelchair, has serious mobility problems or needs assistance getting into a bathtub, the walk in shower is highly recommended. There is no need to lift the leg to get into the shower and the wheelchair can be taken right into the shower. Most walk in showers are oversized, like small rooms. Wheelchair users can use the facilities of the shower without feeling crowded or impeded.


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