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What is a Three Season Porch and What are its Benefits?

Posted on Tue, Oct 20, 2015

sunroom_porchIf you’re looking for a practical way to add value to your home while also increasing the amount of space you have available for entertaining, a three-season porch could be an excellent option. What is a three-season porch or sunroom and what are its benefits? Read on to find out more.



What is a Three-Season Porch?

Three-season rooms are fully enclosed on all sides, and may therefore be used during spring, summer, and fall. Unlike a four-season porch, it does not contain heating or air conditioning, and is therefore not intended for use in the winter. Even so, a three-season porch may nonetheless contain an electric or ventless fireplace to help knock off the chill during autumn or spring.

Three-season sunrooms vary in design; however, most of them contain a great deal of glass in order to let as much natural light in as possible during spring and fall. Many also contain interchangeable glass and screen panels that can be removed as needed. This allows for better airflow during summer, and ultimately keeps your porch much cooler.


One of the biggest benefits to a three-season porch is the fact that it is very economical. Since it is not heated or cooled, it costs much less to build than a four-season porch or room addition would. It also does not require any additional money to heat or cool this space. Maintenance costs are very minimal as well.

Adds Value

A three-season room will add value to your home. People tend to view enclosed porches as additional living space, which is one reason why many buyers prefer them. When added to the front of your home, a three-season sunroom will add a great deal of curb appeal. When added on to the back of your home, your porch could also be converted rather easily into an additional bedroom, a home office, or a dining room should you find yourself in need of more permanent, year-round space. This is an attractive option in itself that will make your home more valuable that other houses like it that do not have such a porch.

Visiting with Family and Friends

A three-season room provides you with the perfect place to spend time visiting with family and friends. Should company suddenly drop by, you won’t have to worry about picking up your mess before inviting people in. With a few comfortable pieces of furniture, you can simply allow your guests to join you on your porch for a cup of coffee, and can focus on spending time with them rather than worrying about how your house looks.

Spending time on your porch will also allow you to get to know your neighbors better, which is something that is difficult to do these days. When your neighbors see you sitting on your porch, they’ll be more inclined to come over and start up a conversation. Getting to know the people around you will provide you with a sense of community, and can ultimately make your neighborhood much safer.

Miscellaneous Benefits

There are a number of other benefits you can enjoy from a three-season sunroom addition, a few of which are:

  • Having extra space for enjoying hobbies or spending quiet time
  • Being able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about insect bites
  • Eliminating the doldrums that come from spending too much time indoors during periods of rainy weather
  • The ability to customize your space by choosing light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. that complement your space

A three-season room is an investment in your home that will pay off for years to come by providing you with space to relax and enjoy life in. With so many design options available, it is easy to come up with a three-season porch that matches your home and lifestyle perfectly.


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