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Types of Replacement Patio Doors for Cleveland

Posted on Thu, Jun 02, 2011
Patio door replacement can enable you to enjoy both increased natural light as well as increased security, adding to the look and safety of your home. Having the luxury of a patio or deck can be great, and with the right patio door you can look forward to plenty of natural daylight coming into your home. Some people decide to opt for patio door replacement to give the home a newer, fresher look, whereas others may invest in patio door replacement because their existing door is damaged or worn.


If you are considering patio door replacement you should make sure that you find the right door for your needs. While you need to consider the appearance, style, and durability of the patio door, you also need to focus on the security that the door offers as well. You will find a range of patio door styles to select from, so you can find a patio door that fits your taste and your décor.


The different types of patio doors available include Hinged Patio Doors that open outwards and Sliding Patio Doors. You can also choose from plain glass or paneled glass for your doors. Opt for double glazed replacement patio doors with draft proof seals to ensure that your home remains energy efficient as well as light, airy, and attractive.


Vinyl Patio Door

Vinyl Siding Patio Doors:  Vinyl sliding patio doors offer improved energy efficiency, lower maintenance and greater versatility over aluminum. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional there is a vinyl door that will fit your style and budget. The standard sliding vinyl door is an elegant, cost effective choice for remodel and replacement applications.


Fiberglass French patio doors:  French patio doors come in a variety of colors and even in an assortment of materials. Fiberglass is one of the most sought after material for patio doors and this is because of its durability. Fiberglass not only offers style but also is also easy to maintain as it is scratch proof and cannot be broken easily. That is why one of the most reliable French patio doors is made from fiberglass. Fiberglass swing doors come as swing-in or swing-out and are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 panel configurations. They are available in standard and custom sizes to fit virtually any opening. Standard multi-point lock systems and adjustable hinges are just two of the features that separate it from other French Doors.



Patio doors come in a panorama of designs to complement virtually any home. Whether you choose sliding or hinged, single panel or multi-panel, patio doors are an important feature of a house and one of the most used doorways in the home. Design and style are important, but a door also has to have the ruggedness to hold up under heavy use and in all types of conditions. Be sure to consider home security when purchasing a new patio door. There are many types of patio door locking mechanisms available.



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