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Patio Sliding Door All Fogged Up

Posted on Tue, Jan 20, 2015

What do you do with a large patio door that the sliding doors are all fogged up?  Over the years, the insides of the glass panes have become so cloudy that you can’t see through them!  It’s embarrassing to have your friend and family over.  Quite frankly, it looks like you didn’t clean your patio doors for years!

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Replacement windows with window grids?

Posted on Sun, Feb 19, 2012

Window grids are the “dividers” within the window frame that create a pattern.  The most popular pattern is squares, dividing the window into equal symmetric squares, but diamonds and arched patterns are available as well.  Window grids work with many styles of homes including traditional, craftsman, cottage and contemporary.  Window grids are of personal preference and are a detail to be considered when replacing your existing windows.


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