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Vinyl Siding for Great Curb Appeal - Giveaway Winner's Story

Posted on Sun, Dec 06, 2015

How many out there look at the glass half empty and not half full?? When you see an advertisement to sign up for a “Giveaway” or you’re approached at an area attraction, do you think, “No way, I never win!” or do you think to yourself, “What the heck? Might as well, you never know.” Well, that’s what Tim D. did. He saw the Joyce Factory Direct sunroom trailer at an outdoor RV show and thought how much he loved his mom’s sunroom on the back of her house and it brought back great memories. So he thought just what if….just maybe we could have one too. He signed up for the $10,000 giveaway. He went ahead and had a Joyce representative come to his home to give him a free in-home estimate. He got his answer and said, let’s just hope I win.

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Five Reasons to Choose Vinyl Windows over Wood Windows

Posted on Thu, Jul 30, 2015

Whether you want to make improvements to your home, or it is time to replace your current windows, you have an important decision on your hands in choosing the material of window. While there is no right or wrong answer, some window materials provide more advantages than others. For instance, wood windows might have been a great option for a long time, but vinyl windows are the new crown holders.

Both wood and vinyl have some similar characteristics, such as the energy-efficiency they provide, but they also have a number of important differences to consider when making your decision. Once you learn about the multiple advantages that vinyl has over wood, making a choice should become a simple task.

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Metal Sculpture Honors Habitat for Humanity

Posted on Wed, Sep 10, 2014

Habitat for Humanity’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.  They bring folks together to build homes, communities and lots of hope.  As part of this mission, and a great way to generate income to support the mission, Habitat for Humanity has a number of ReStore stores.  It’s where the public can go to purchase affordable home improvement items in addition to lighting, sinks, cabinets, windows, doors, appliances and flooring at a fraction of retail cost.

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Bee Barn Sponsored by Joyce Factory Direct at Berea Fairgrounds

Posted on Thu, Jul 12, 2012

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Joyce Factory Direct’s 2012 $10,000 Home Improvement Giveaway

Posted on Tue, May 29, 2012
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