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How To Choose Replacement Windows in the Cleveland Area

Posted on Wed, Jul 08, 2015

Replacement windows are one of the most common home improvement projects Cleveland home owners undergo. Old, outdated windows decline in efficiency, raise energy costs in the winter as well as the summer, reduce the curb appeal of your home, and also allow uncomfortable drafts to enter in the harsh Cleveland winters. If all of this isn’t reason enough to purchase replacement windows, outdated windows are also hard to clean and upkeep, difficult to open, shut, lock, and/or allow for dust and bugs to enter the home.

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Five Ways Cleveland Homeowners Save Money with Replacement Windows

Posted on Tue, Jun 09, 2015

If your home has its original, wood framed, single pane windows, you may be hesitant about replacing them. You might think that the costs will be more than the rewards and that replacement windows just won't look as good. The truth is, vinyl replacement windows are easily customized to fit any home, and they even come in the same wood-grain finish that your current windows have. And, if that's not enough incentive for you, here are five ways that Cleveland replacement windows will save and even make you money.


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