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Casement Windows: Why They Help with Function, Style, and Security

Posted on Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Casement windows are an outstanding replacement window investment in your home for a number of reasons, with value being at the center. However, you already know that function, style, and security on a window are more important, even if you have to pay a little more for those features. The good news is that casement windows provide all three above for a reasonable price.

Ultimately, they provide amazing value for your home if you ever want to sell your house someday. In the meantime, you'll appreciate how energy-efficient these windows are, along with their customization options.

The above features of function, style, and security are major strong points of casement windows. If you have no prior experience with them, let's take a look at how they work, plus how much you'll appreciate their function in the hot summer months, as well as all year round.

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Patio Sliding Door All Fogged Up

Posted on Tue, Jan 20, 2015

What do you do with a large patio door that the sliding doors are all fogged up?  Over the years, the insides of the glass panes have become so cloudy that you can’t see through them!  It’s embarrassing to have your friend and family over.  Quite frankly, it looks like you didn’t clean your patio doors for years!

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Four Basic Replacement Window Styles

Posted on Sun, Oct 16, 2011

Windows let light into our home, gentle breezes in and their screens keep the bugs out.  Windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  Used alone or in combination most of us have more than one window style in our home.  Let’s explore four basic window styles.


Double or Single Hung Windows

The most popular style of window is the double hung window.  This style is traditional with the window opening up and down or vertically.  Each glass unit is set into a framework called a sash, on a double hung window both the upper and the bottom sash move.  Being able to open either the top or the bottom for air circulation gives the homeowner more options in creating comfort within our homes.  A single hung window has a stationary top sash with only the bottom sash able to move or open.  Screens are place on the outside of the window.


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How Can Replacement Windows Change The Look Of Your Home?

Posted on Fri, May 20, 2011


If it is time to replace your old drafty windows, why not take the opportunity to change the look of your home with new replacement windows.  Window replacement can change the complete look of your home. Maybe you are bored with the look of your home, then window replacement is a great opportunity to love your home again as it gives a new, innovative and aesthetic look to your home. Not only can it change the look of your home, but window replacement saves on your gas, oil and electric bills too.

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What is a Casement Style Window?

Posted on Mon, Mar 07, 2011

Casement Style Window

A casement window is an operating window that is hinged on the left or right side and opens outward pivoting on the hinged side, very much like a door opens. The window itself consists of one large pane of glass, providing maximum viewing ability out the window. This style of window opens with a crank style handle which is placed at the bottom of the window for easy access. The screen for a casement is placed on the inside of the window which does provide protection to the screen throughout the inclement months. Casements can be used either singularly or in combination and can be made with grids or leading lines offering a wide range of customizing to create the perfect windows for your home.

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