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Tips and Hacks for The Perfect Party: Entertaining on Your Back Deck

Posted on Fri, Jul 06, 2018

sundance-deck-screeninglo1entertaining on the deckAre you as glad as we are that winter with its accompanying bad habits is over? We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to party! Gentle breezes puffing fluffy white clouds across an azure sky, colorful blooms and children merrily playing are just a few things that should be experienced outdoors. We’ve happily noted the numbers of people who agree with us by putting up decks, patios, outdoor rooms and other manifestations of celebration. We have some ideas how to greet the beauty of summer with tips and hacks for the parties you’ll be giving while entertaining on your back deck.

Business Parties:

It is a simple fact that networking is a way of life. If one doesn’t network, then one is soon out of business. However, conducting a business has to include a little personality. No one wants to do business with an automaton or a robot, so a little fun and humor goes a long way to transforming dry interactions into pleasing interactions. To this end, we suggest:

  • One of the advantages of having a deck is built-ins. On one built-in, place one or more coolers. Inside it would be your iced drinks such as bottled beer, wines, juices and soft drinks.
  • The perfect party food has always been pizza. Making them at home is as easy as getting Boboli Pizza Shells and the fixins. This gives you a fun opportunity to learn more about your co-workers.  What they like or don't like and how creative they can be with a pizza.
  • Ask your guests to dress up in 50s outfits like the Fonz or girls in poodle skirts. Play oldies, do the twist, drink malts and bake cookies in the shape of and decorated like saddle oxfords.
  • Turn off every light in sight except the twinkle lights with which you’ve decorated the deck. Star-gazing is a fun way to ease the tensions of the day so some real networking can be done.


Anniversaries aren’t the only milestones to be remembered and celebrated. Each rung up the ladder of corporate promotion, a personal milestone met and triumphed over, as well as fortuitous meetings between people are just a few anniversaries that deserve some celebration:

  • Companies online can print anything you want. Have your tablecloths printed with the occasion that’s being celebrated. Slipcover your deck furniture in covers denoting the accomplishment and make sure to have printed balloons anchored by the furniture.
  • Mints and candies are printed by specialty shops online with any celebration you please. Surprise your celebrating friend or family member with personalized candy dishes.
  • Another advantage of decks is that renting party venues is not necessary. If the accomplishment is of many years’ standing, then a formal celebration will be in order. For a change, instead of black or white tie affairs, have the person celebrating pick a color in which the guests can dress.
  • Create a slideshow of pictures or a video of memories or funny moments to share with your guests when the sun goes down. 
  • Decorate the deck with small examples of the accomplishment being celebrated. If the person to be honored met his band members in a certain year, then find small guitars with which to decorate. Perhaps a technology company recognized this person’s worth with an advancement. Find an example of that product and use it to light the party with candles inside it.


It seems each month has its reason to throw a party. In May, it’s Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. June offers Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day. July, however, is the big one with the Fourth of July. Not many holidays get fireworks, but if your neighborhood puts on a show, then perhaps it can be viewed from the comfort from your deck:

  • Ever wanted to be a genius? Potatoes come in red, white and blue (and purple and yellow). Make a patriotic potato salad that your guests will love! Red, white and blue fruits like blueberries, strawberries and pears make a tasty fruit salad to go along with the potato salad.
  • Celebrate with making your own ice cream the old fashioned way, everyone can take a turn cranking the ice cream maker.
  • After the pool party and the burger frenzy, your guests might get a charge out of dressing as a famous person born on the 4th of July. This is a great opportunity for an impromptu photo booth!
  • Make your own fireworks using sparkly pipe cleaners and attach them to the twinkle lights decorating the deck.
Any time is a good time for a party. If you have a deck, then you’ve got just one more blessing that your neighbors don’t have. Decks just shout out fun, fresh air, good food, excellent company and relaxation beneath fluffy clouds in an azure sky. Cheers!

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