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The Many Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Posted on Thu, Dec 17, 2015

Royal_Vinyl_Siding.jpgVinyl siding is the most popular type of siding as 31 percent of American homeowners choose vinyl for their exterior wall material. There are many reasons why this siding is preferred by a growing number of homeowners. If you’re considering vinyl siding, here are some of its many advantages.

Attractiveness and Diversity of Styles

  • Vinyl siding is cosmetically appealing, which miiakes it a favorite among many homeowners. What’s more, it comes in a wide choice of textures and can be made to look like stone, wood, slate and other kinds of cladding.
  • You can choose from a huge variety of vinyl siding colors that can retain their colors after a long period of time. Over 350 vinyl siding shades have been certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute for color retention. 
  • This siding is commonly used for renovating historical homes as there is a wide range of period colors. 
  • Vinyl siding helps to enhance the curb appeal of your home. 

Durability and Long Longevity

  • One of the main benefits of vinyl siding is its exceptional durability. Its strong PVC (polyvinyl chloride) construction makes it last for several decades.
  • Besides being able to endure strong winds, vinyl is also resistant to cold, heat and moisture. As a result, it can keep its original look, as well as continue to perform well for many years.
  • In fact, vinyl siding can survive wind velocities of over 200 mph. Because of the durability and good longevity of vinyl siding, many manufacturers not only offer lifetime warranties on their siding, but they also have lifetime warranties on installation. 

 Cost Effective and Easy Installation

  • Vinyl siding costs 26 percent less than aluminum siding and is 11 percent cheaper than cedar. The life cycle of this siding entails less expense over the course of a home’s lifetime. Consider that you won’t have the cost of having to paint your siding.
  • Additionally, having vinyl siding can significantly increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell it.
  • Because vinyl is lightweight, it’s very easy to install. You can install vinyl siding over existing materials, making it a good retrofit choice.

Easy Maintenance

If you don’t have the time to invest in a lot of maintenance, vinyl siding is one of the easiest sidings to maintain. You don’t need to paint it. About the only upkeep it needs to an annual cleaning, using water and a mild detergent. Furthermore, your vinyl siding won’t rot, crack or be damaged by insects, mold or harsh sun rays.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Another perk is its improved energy efficiency. The type of siding your home has plays a vital role when it comes to withstanding extreme temperature changes and inclement weather. 

A home that’s poorly insulated can cause heat loss in winter, along with a loss of cool air in hot summer months. Insulated vinyl siding is able to maintain the interior temperature in your home, which helps save you money in energy costs.

Additional Advantages and Considerations

  • Vinyl siding meets the requirements of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), making it safe.
  • Basically, this type of siding is environmentally friendly, so it’s a good green option. In fact, it has a better performance record than brick and other types of exterior cladding. As fewer toxic chemicals are released when vinyl siding is manufactured, less dioxins are emitted into the air than other kinds of cladding materials.
  • It’s easy to repair vinyl siding. Although it’s unusual for this siding to be damaged, if it does get dented or scratched, it’s so simple to repair that even an average homeowner can do the job. 


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