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The Benefits of a Walk in Bathtub and Shower

Posted on Mon, Jun 29, 2015

Gray_Corner_Shower_Seat__Shower_Base_with_Rosa_Slate_Smooth_Walls__Bushed_Nickel_IMG_0400_LR_bciFor those who suffer from mobility issues, getting in and out of a shower/bathtub combo can be tricky and even dangerous. Falls resulting from getting in and out of the bathtub bring individuals to the emergency room on a regular basis; this being a common problem among the elderly. This can make installing a walk-in bathtub and shower extremely beneficial for these individuals as it can help to improve their daily safety. However, even for those without mobility issues, but who are middle-aged and are considering remodeling their bathroom, a walk-in bathtub can make a great investment in your future comfort and safety. Whether or not you have previously considered having a walk-in shower/bathtub installed in your home, here are just a few of the reasons to consider doing so.


Easy Installation

There has often been a misconception that having a walk-in bathtub installed is a lengthy, difficult process; however, this is not the case. These shower/tub combos are made to fit into the space where your current bathtub is, and they come in a variety of sizes that meet the needs of most homeowners. Thusly, having one of these bathtubs installed is often as simple as removing the old one and installing the walk-in version in its place.


Additional Safety Features

Aside from being easier to get in and out of, walk-in bathtubs come equipped with a variety of other safety features that can make the bathing and showering experience, safer, simpler, and easier. One of the greatest safety features these bathtubs come equipped with are grab bars that you can hold onto while entering, exiting, and maneuvering within, the shower. This is a great feature for individuals of any age and mobility level, as the slipperiness of the bathroom environment can leave anyone susceptible to falls. However, these tubs are also made of a slip resistant material that further increases their safety and reduces one’s risk of injury. Finally, these tubs also come with a built-in seat, which can make getting in and out of the tub easier, can make showering safer, and can make shaving a simpler process.


Health Benefits

Since having a walk-in tub will make it easier for you to bathe, you may find yourself taking baths more frequently than you used to. This can be extremely beneficial, particularly for the elderly, as frequently soaking in warm water has been shown to provide many health benefits. From reducing the symptoms of arthritis, to improving heart health, countless studies have shown the benefits of bathing frequently. Furthermore, people who take frequent baths often report that they sleep better, and have an overall improved sense of well-being.



Perhaps the most invaluable benefit of having a walk-in tub installed in your home is the peace-of-mind it can provide you and your family with. If you suffer from mobility issues, then it is likely that you and your loved ones are concerned that you could suffer a severe injury while maneuvering in and out of your shower. Having a walk-in bathtub installed can greatly reduce this risk, and can bring you and your family comfort knowing that every precaution is being taken to ensure your bathroom is safe and easy to use.


Whether you have mobility issues, or are thinking about your feature safety, having a walk-in bathtub/shower installed during your bathroom remodel can greatly improve its safety and usability. However, the benefits mentioned here are just a few of the many benefits that walk-in showers can provide. Contact us to find out more about the reasons why you should consider having one installed in your home, as well as to schedule a design and quote consultation.


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