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Storm Windows vs. Replacement Windows: When Should you Upgrade?

Posted on Mon, Aug 15, 2016

aluminum-storm-windows.jpgIn the 1970s and 1980s, nearly every home had storm windows that would be taken down in summer and replaced with screens. Surprisingly enough, a good number of houses still have this type of window in them yet today. If yours is one of them, here is an analysis of storm windows vs. replacement windows that will help you determine whether or not it is time to upgrade.

#1. You are missing several storm windows and/or screens

As time goes on, storm windows can break and screens may become damaged. Before you know it, you could easily wind up with quite a few missing pieces, and may even be unable to find replacements for them. It’s also easy to misplace sections and not be able to find them when they are needed. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you may want to consider installing vinyl windows instead.

#2. Your storm windows no longer fit as tightly as they used to

At one time, your storm windows may have provided you with a nice tight seal. As time goes on, you may notice they no longer fit as tightly as they once did. You may notice more air coming in from around your windows, or even hear them rattling during a heavy wind. Most storm windows are made from metal, which has a tendency to expand and contract with changing temperatures. They may also be susceptible to rust, which can leave holes or missing sections in the frame. There is not much you can do to make old, worn out windows fit snugly again, which means that energy efficient replacement windows would be a better option.

#3. You need to place storm windows on second-story windows, and are having difficulty climbing ladders

Maybe in your younger days, getting up and down a ladder to replace your storm windows wasn’t a big deal. Now that you’re a little older, you may not be able to climb ladders as easily as you once did, and find that swapping out windows and screens is a great deal of hassle. Maybe you’ve given up on changing them out, and simply leave your storm windows in place all year long. Perhaps you’ve chosen to hire someone to take care of this bi-annual task for you. Either way, it’s clear that storm windows are no longer practical, in which case you should definitely consider installing new vinyl windows.

#4. You are planning to sell within the next five years

If there’s a chance you may sell your home in the near future, now is the time to consider installing vinyl windows. The fact that your house contains old, outdated storm windows is something that might turn people off, as many people see them as inefficient. Buyers these days are looking for energy efficiency, and are automatically drawn to homes that contain replacement windows.

#5. You are concerned about break-ins

A home with storm windows is easier to break into, as all a burglar needs to do is to remove the glass panel from the outside. Replacement windows on the other hand contain extremely durable locks and double or triple panes of glass, making it less likely they will be compromised. If you’ve recently experienced a burglary, or live in a high crime neighborhood, vinyl windows could be helpful in creating a defense against intrusion.

In addition to these benefits, replacement windows improve the appearance of your home and also require less maintenance. If you are still struggling with old-fashioned storm windows, what are you waiting for? Contact Joyce Factory Direct today to see the latest styles in vinyl windows so you can begin enjoying the benefits right away.

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