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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Vinyl Windows are Great for Natural Light

Posted on Wed, Sep 16, 2015

blue_bathroomThinking about remodeling your bathroom? Good for you! Bathrooms can be one the most affordable rooms to remodel, and the results of a remodeled bathroom can be dramatic. If you've never been involved in a remodeling job before, you may wonder what a bathroom remodel entails.

There are several basic options to consider when planning your bath remodel:


Full remodel or a simple update?

Some bathroom remodels are drastic projects that entail tearing out walls, moving plumbing and replacing all the fixtures. Great if that's what you want or need, but a drastic remodel is not for everyone. It doesn't have to be. A quick coat of paint, a nice new set of towels, a fluffy new bathmat and new vinyl windows can be all you need to create a like-new bathroom with lots of new natural light.

Creative color

If you've been a renter at any time in your life, you know how boring it can be to live with all-white walls. A white bathroom can be jazzed up with colorful towels and accessories, but why not go all the way? As long as your bathroom is being remodeled, you might as well opt to refresh the walls and ceiling with a coat of paint in a color that delight.

In most cases, it's a good idea to stay with a white ceiling. Bathrooms tend to be relatively small rooms, and dark ceilings can make them feel even smaller. No matter which color you choose, be sure to select paint with a semi-gloss or glossy sheen. Eggshell and flat finishes are fine in some rooms-- bathroom and kitchen walls function better with a non-matte finish. This finish allows for easier cleaning.

You may be able to paint your own bathroom, or you might opt to hire a professional. In either case, it's a job you won't want to redo any time soon. One option is to select wall colors from a subtle palette, and add bursts of your favorite hues by way of towels, mats and colorful soap dishes. Or, go bold in wall color or pattern and use a neutral palette with your towels, mats and accessories.

Let there be light

Bathrooms can be on the dark side as they don’t generally have a window, but they don't have to be. Consider installing a skylight to let the sunshine and moonlight stream in. If a skylight is not feasible right now, do at least consider adding a new window, a vinyl window. Cosmetic experts agree that applying makeup in natural lighting is the best thing. Proper lighting when applying makeup can make you "glow" or you can look like a fake-bake nightmare.

If you're in an older home with wood-frame windows, you know how difficult they are to maintain, especially in a bathroom. Constant moisture is nice for trees, not so nice for window frames made from them. A vinyl replacement window is one of the best things you can do for your bathroom. Unlike wood-frame windows, vinyl is impervious to rot. Unlike aluminum, vinyl frames come in a variety of colors. Most people call on a professional to install their new vinyl replacement windows, and that's fine with us. We've done wonderful things for bathrooms all around the Cleveland area, and we can do wonderful things for your bathroom, too.

Live it up

Once your bathroom is outfitted with a vinyl replacement window, it's time to take advantage of the light. Hang a live plant near the window to add a touch of beautiful nature to the most private room in your house. Plants such as Boston ferns and ivy tend to do quite well in a humid bathroom environment. If you're not up for bathroom gardening, hang a pretty suncatcher in front of your new vinyl replacement window. It will make you smile every time you use your newly-remodeled or refreshed bathroom.

If you have any questions about bathroom remodeling or want to know more about why vinyl windows are your best replacement option, contact us. We are Joyce Factory Direct, and we'd love to hear from you.



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