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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing [A Customer's Story]

Posted on Mon, Nov 07, 2016

DSC01790.jpgI’m sure every one of you has been in the same situation as me.  Whether the major event in your life is a first communion party, graduation party, and wedding or hosting a Thanksgiving; it calls for a major project in the home to welcome family and friends. 


Ours happened to be my oldest son’s wedding and my out of town family was coming in who had not seen my home since we built it.  As I looked at my outdated kitchen cabinets, countertops that were literally coming unglued and my almond appliances, I knew kitchen refacing beforewe needed a major facelift in the kitchen.  Well, a major facelift of knocking a wall down to increase the space, custom cabinets and appliances were going to cost me more than our share of wedding expenses.  So we needed a plan B.  And that’s what Joyce Factory Direct provided for us.


I remembered seeing their display at a local home show and saw they did Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.  So we had a sales rep come to the home for our free in home estimate and explain the process and show us samples of the different color finishes, styles of cabinet doors and hardware.  I was simply amazed that I could get a whole new look, with the same cabinet and counter layout that was in my kitchen for so much less money than what my option A was.


After picking out the finish, style and hardware, they measured and counted how many door and drawer faces I had.  Then it was approximately a 4 week wait for production.


Once we set up the install date, it DSC01795.jpgwas only a two day process.  It was amazing how quick, thorough and easy it was.   They literally came in and covered the outside of all the cabinets with heavy duty glue to the existing outer shell and laid the sheets of laminate.  (There is a lot of measuring and precise cutting involved in this process.)  The inside of the cabinets are untouched and stay the same as before.  Then they attach the new door and drawer fronts and add the hardware.  They then cleaned up the mess in the garage where the cutting took place and anything left in the kitchen and BABAMMM! It was done. 

 I then called the granite company to tell them I was ready for my countertops and that took one day and set up delivery for my new stainless appliances.  You would have thought I hit the lottery I was so happy.


So when my family arrived that November for the wedding, they could not believe these were laminate cabinets and how rich everything looked.  I could not be more thrilled with the results.  Looking at our before and after photos are amazing.


I would highly recommend Joyce Factory Direct if your kitchen needs a facelift!  The customer service is superior and the sales reps are knowledgeable and down to earth.  I also like the fact that they are a local, family owned business of 60 years and they CARE about their customers.  Thank You JFD.  You can bet I’m calling you for our next home improvement project!

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