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How Much Does a Sunroom Cost? [part 1]

Posted on Mon, Jul 06, 2015

SunroomWhen contemplating the idea of adding a sunroom onto their home, homeowners are left wondering “How Much Does a Sunroom Cost?” Unfortunately this is not an easy question to answer. A sunroom can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000. Where the cost will fall for any particular homeowner is dependent on a number of factors and variables.


Sunroom Size

One of the biggest determining factors in how much a sunroom will cost is the size. Are you looking to build a 12x10 sunroom to serve as a sitting room off the kitchen? Or might you be looking for a 20x20 sunroom to act as a great room housing multiple couches, recliners, tables and the big screen TV? The larger the sunroom the more material and labor are required. Generally speaking, the bigger the room the higher the cost. However size is far from the only determining factor when it comes to cost for a sunroom.


Sunroom Foundation

The foundation of the sunroom is another key factor in determining the cost of a sunroom. On some occasions an existing deck or patio in its current state can be used as the foundation for a sunroom. However more often than not, an existing deck will need some structural reinforcement to support the weight of the new room. Most concrete patios are “floating slabs” – meaning they do not have footers around their perimeter. In these circumstances the existing patio can be used but the edges need to be removed and footers poured to support the load-bearing walls of the sunroom. If there is no deck or patio present or the existing deck or patio is inadequate to build on then a foundation must be constructed from scratch. In these instances a new properly supported structural wood floor can be built or footed concrete slab poured as the foundation for the new sunroom.


Sunroom Location and Attachment

Another key element in determining the cost of a sunroom is the location of the sunroom and its attachment to the house. In most instances a sunroom is constructed off of one back wall or side wall of the home. In these cases the sunroom itself will consist of three walls and a roof. On some occasions a sunroom will be constructed in an inside corner, such as on a L-Angle ranch. In these cases only two walls and a roof are required since two walls of the home are being utilized, therefore decreasing the material and labor required and subsequently the cost. The attachment to the home is key as well. When constructing a gable style sunroom off a single story home a roof transition called a “roof saddle” needs to be constructed. This “roof saddle” ties the cathedral style sunroom roof into the sloped single story roof of the home. A “roof saddle” requires extra material and labor compared to when a sunroom roof can be mounted directly to the house wall.


There are other important factors that determine how much a sunroom will cost. In part 2 we discuss relocations, seasonality and extras.


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