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From Family Bath to Spa Retreat: 6 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Posted on Mon, Apr 25, 2016

soap.jpgCountless individuals have made the leap into home renovations by starting with their bathrooms. Why? It's not a tremendous space; a lot can be done with a little; and when all is said and done, you may find yourself with one of the most gorgeously reinvented rooms in your house. 

Here are 6 bathroom remodeling ideas to get you thinking about how to make your own bathroom into your favorite room in your house.

Upgrade Your Floors

If you want only one way to fully transform your bathroom, think about in-floor heating. Radiant heating floors are ideal for tile and stone floors -- think about all the times you've stepped out of a steamy shower, only to be greeted by a chilly tile floor. With electric radiant heat, your floors become as toasty and comfortable as the air around you -- not hot enough to be uncomfortable or to ever cause burns, but warm enough to make you feel like you're padding around in socks (without, of course, the dis-likable sensation of wet bathroom socks). 

In a bathroom, in-floor heating feels luxurious and spa-like. They can often even be extended into your shower, giving you even more reasons to want to stay in a bit longer. The growing popularity of the materials required for radiant heating means that cost has gone way down -- you can expect to pay between $8 - $12 per square foot for the installation. And the best part? Running it means lowering your overall energy costs, so you'll wind up possibly saving in the long run.

Give Wallpaper a Chance

When you think of wallpaper, a very specific print may come to mind. Huge unidentifiable pink flowers on a yellowing background, or a country paisley print in horrible clashing purples and browns. Fortunately, several of the best designers in the world have created some seriously chic and upscale wallpapers -- many of which look absolutely stunning in a bathroom. You do want to be sure when choosing a bathroom wallpaper that repels water. You can also incorporate a specialty sealer to help keep your paper looking great, even in the steamiest of bathrooms. 

Select a bold and beautiful print to line your walls, or a blooming beauty of a floral design. There are of course more whimsical designs, or even a more abstract and bright one. Companies like Spoonflower have even emerged to allow smaller designers from around the world to upload their own designs for you to print on demand, giving you a unique, one-of-a-kind bathroom experience. 

Spoil Yourself With a Soaking Tub

Most homes come with a standard tub and shower combination. The tub is usually just big enough for a bath and generally works better as a shower. But what about those long, relaxing soaks that so many of us dream of? Fortunately, a soaking tub is within reach of nearly everyone, and can be a simple installation in almost every home. 

While a claw foot tub might be your first thought when you think of soakers, more contemporary designs have come on the market. Materials have become lighter and more manageable; instead of cast iron, many of them are fiberglass or acrylic. Look for swooping modern designs that make a dramatic statement, or slightly more traditional looking tubs that pay an homage to the claw foot tubs of the past. Soaker tubs can also be easily built-in to match the design of your bathroom, making them a gorgeous accompaniment to a walk-in shower

Revamp Your Vanity

Want a quick way to make your bathroom sparkle? Change out your vanity. Whether you have a pedestal sink and switch it full a full cabinet sink or vice versa, a change like this is fairly easy to do and can make a world of difference in your bathroom. Not only can you start looking at completely different color options for a new counter top, but new wood stains or paint colors for the cabinets. And hardware? Options abound. Take a trip to your local bathroom outfitters and see what kind of new vanity work you could have in your bathroom today.

Expand the Space

If your home allows for it, consider taking your bathroom renovation into potentially wider directions. If you have the space to give, you may be able to make your bathroom larger than you had previously thought possible. A good contractor will be able to tell you exactly what is or isn't possible -- be sure to have them go over all your options with you, and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you think of!

Three Words: Multiple Shower Heads

For the truest luxury shower experience, remove your combination shower/bath and install a large walk-in shower. The kind you think of when you imagine luxurious and opulent hotels, the sort that you could practically have a party in. Best of all? These showers can accommodate multiple shower heads, giving you a showering experience that doesn't just get you clean -- it revitalizes you all over. Looking forward to a full-body massage after a long day at work? Your new shower can do just that.


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