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Casement Windows: Why They Help with Function, Style, and Security

Posted on Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Casement-WindowCasement windows are an outstanding replacement window investment in your home for a number of reasons, with value being at the center. However, you already know that function, style, and security on a window are more important, even if you have to pay a little more for those features. The good news is that casement windows provide all three above for a reasonable price.

Ultimately, they provide amazing value for your home if you ever want to sell your house someday. In the meantime, you'll appreciate how energy-efficient these windows are, along with their customization options.

The above features of function, style, and security are major strong points of casement windows. If you have no prior experience with them, let's take a look at how they work, plus how much you'll appreciate their function in the hot summer months, as well as all year round.

What is a Casement Window

Perhaps you've only had experience with sliders or double hung windows for years, yet realized that you never seemed to have enough natural light coming in. A casement window has more glass space to allow for more light, plus room to place a hinge on the left or right side. This allows you to open the window either direction, which many people appreciate due to various circumstances.

Most of the time, casement windows get installed in a vertical position within homes or apartments. They can be installed horizontally, then they are called awning windows. They're also very easy to open since they operate with a crank. You'll like this if you need better ventilation, yet have trouble reaching your windows due to obstacles. These windows open vertically on a metal track that's built durably for assurance of lasting years.

Let's take a look at more detail, though, about casement window functionality. Also, take a look at their outstanding style and security features so you can see why so many people buy them.

The Detailed Benefits of Function

A casement window simply provides better ventilation in your home because of how they open. It's the only type of window available that opens fully for the ultimate in directing air flow. Because they open with a crank, you can open them fully or at an angle. During the summer, you'll love this because it better captures the breeze from outside. With other windows, you have to depend solely on wind direction.

For those who don't have air-conditioning, a casement window helps capture the outside breezes to cool things off in a home or business. Plus, because these windows open wide, it makes for easier window cleaning.

Stylistic Options

Once you buy a casement window, you don't have to stick with a plain design. They come with customization options for different finishes and colors. The cranks on these windows also have stylistic options, including brass or vinyl. Different types of grids are available for the window as well.

One style you'll appreciate on casement windows is they have thin muntins that divide the glass planes. As mentioned above, this already allows for more space to let light in if you have an overly dark interior.

Superior Security

Locks on casement windows are a hook shape, which makes them an extreme challenge to break. As a result, this can reduce or eliminate any fear that someone could easily break in through your window by snapping the lock. Thanks to the crank method, no one can slide the window open from the outside.

Casement windows are sturdily built all around; including durable seals so you'll know the likely hood of air leaks is minimal.

Visit us here at Joyce Factory Direct where we offer superior casement windows for your home or office. It's time you made a smarter choice in a window replacement without spending more than you should.

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