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3 Fall Lighting Ideas for Your Sunroom

Posted on Tue, Sep 18, 2012

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Fall is a wonderful time to spend in your sunroom and with the days becoming shorter, a great time to have fun with lighting.  Taking in the essence of the fall season, there are fun and creative ways to play with the mood lighting in your sunroom.  Higher levels of lighting generally produce a more stimulating environment with more activity, whereas lower levels tend to create an atmosphere of relaxation, intimacy, and restfulness.  Here are 3 unique lighting ideas to create the perfect mood in your sunroom.



Up Lights

Up lights can be used for a variety of effects and on different surfaces not just on the floor.  One of the most popular uses is under a tree or large plant.  It draws attention to the plant while casting fun and intriguing shadows on the ceiling.  Another use is to place small “up” lights on top of a high shelf to draw your eye up towards the ceiling.  This helps give height to your room and is especially effective with a cathedral ceiling. 


Don’t have a large plant or high shelves; create your own interesting fall up light display from items you may already have.  Items needed:  3 3’ or taller branches (from your backyard), stones, 2 small up lights (electric or battery operated), 1 long narrow planter (2’ or longer).  Fill your planter with stones of your choosing, place your three branches into the stones (one on each end and the third in the middle) and then embedded the lights in between the branches.  Get creative:  place pinecones or acorns on top of the stones, spray paint the branches to fit your décor or hang berries or place small birds within the branches.




With the availability of battery operated candles, the options of creating beautiful safe displays are endless.  Now of course, if you are a traditionalist and won’t have anything to do with battery operated candles, please never leave your candles unattended or consider using candles that are self-contained in a jar.  Pairing candles along with leaves, apples, pumpkins and pinecones on platters, trays or bowls is fun and simple.  Along with the beautiful soft glow of the candles, you can opt for an autumn inspired scent.  From the smell of leaves to the baking of an apple pie, choices are widely available.    


For a quick and easy fall inspired candle display, take a large clear container, place candle in the middle and surround with your favorite small autumn filler.  Think about dried corn, candy corn, acorns, tiny pinecones, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon sticks, etc.  Need further inspiration?  Check out some of our favorite fall candles displays via our Pinterest board.

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With the night falling more quickly in the fall, the need for lighting in the evening is greater in your sunroom.  Think about the type of activities you enjoy participating in to establish the proper amount of lighting needed.  If reading a book is a night time favorite, a good amount of light is needed so that you don’t have to strain your eyes to read.  Adding a lamp by your favorite reading spots should solve the problem.  The use of a three level light bulb is useful as you can then select the level of light accordingly.  Need overhead light for the weekly night of cards but don’t want to look like a runway strip?  Placing a dimmer on your overhead light will allow you to adjust to the perfect level of light that is both functional and soothing.  The key here is to create accessibility to various levels of lights, good for most if not all activities.   


Overall, be sure you consider that whichever level of lighting you choose for your sunroom it will make it easy to see into your home at night.   So, be sure you install shades, have a tall fence or plant large hedges to ensure your continued privacy.




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