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3 Deck Plans for a Unique Outdoor Living Space

Posted on Tue, May 22, 2012

cedar deckNow is the time to get together your deck plans for creating a unique outdoor living space.  We are utilizing our outdoor spaces as extensions of our living space now more than ever.  Taking time to consider just how you will use your deck, will give you the best outcome when considering various deck plans.  Here are 3 deck plans to help get your process started.


Multi Level Decks

A multi-level deck consists of decks that are of various heights and are connected via a stairway or walkway.  This deck plan works well for yards that have a slope, as the deck can follow the contour of the yard.  A multi-level deck also works well when you would like to have “designated” decks for particular activities.  You may have a hot tub and would like it to have its own space. Creating a specialized deck area for this makes it feel more like a feature of your outdoor space. 



Raised Decks

A raised deck works well when your door is above the grade of your yard.  Building the deck up to this level allows you to step right out and on to your deck.  Depending on how raised it above ground will determine the safety precautions needed to make your deck safe for all to enjoy.  You may need to put railings and stairways or you might be able to put a few extra deep stairs to gently and safely descend to your yard.  If your deck needs to be raised up to a second story, you have an opportunity to create yet another outdoor space underneath your deck.  Using an under decking ceiling system finishes this unique space of beautifully.



Free Standing Decks

A free standing deck is probably not as popular as some of the other deck plans but offers a world of opportunities.  A free standing deck can be placed anywhere in your yard, as opposed to being attached to your home.  It allows you to pick the best place in your yard to showcase your outdoor space.  It can quickly become an oasis right in your back yard.  Generally a low sitting deck, it can offer a nice transition to an outdoor kitchen or a hot tub with a gazebo.



Choosing a deck plan can seem overwhelming as it an extension of your living space.  Take the time to sit down with the whole family and think about how you would like to use your deck.  Jot down everyone’s ideas and even cut out pictures of decks that you like.  Make sure you meet with a reputable deck builder and share all your ideas and pictures to achieve a deck plan that is perfect for you.


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Picture Credit:  http://www.cedar-deck.org/

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