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New Vinyl Siding and a Sunroom, a Customer’s Review

Posted on Sun, Apr 29, 2012

New Vinyl Siding

The old expression was that “an ill wind blows nobody good.”  However, for us an ill wind led to a major makeover for our home.  We had discussed adding a sunroom to our home since we bought it ten years earlier.  When we attended the NARI Home Improvement Show in early 2010, we took a careful look at the sunroom displays, but did not really plan on doing anything that year.


We were impressed with the Joyce Factory Direct sunroom at the show compared to the others.  I also had known the owner and his company for many years through our business.  We kept the sunroom on our wish list.   That spring, there was a major hailstorm that damaged our siding.  We waited until the fall to check into it, and were told that the old aluminum siding should be replaced.


Vinyl Siding


Before moving ahead with the siding, we decided that if we were ever going to add a sunroom, it would make sense to do it at the same time as replacing the siding, so that everything would be integrated.  We wanted to gather facts on a sunroom, so we called Joyce Factory Direct first.  When the owner came out to our house to see the location and tell us what he could do for us, he could see why we were ready for a major change.  The deck on the back of our house had seen better days and was overdue to be replaced.  When I told him that we wanted to tie in a sunroom with the need for new siding, he told me that his company also does siding. 



We took a trip out to the showroom to visit the factory and see what they could do for us.  We were shown a few sample sunrooms on site in the factory to illustrate some of the many features that Joyce offers.  It was well worth it to see everything in person.  We were also shown how the sunroom could blend in with our house and the roofline.


Year Round Vinyl Sunroom


We also met with the sales manager at the factory to learn about the options for vinyl siding.  He offered a lot of suggestions to help us with the process.  When we found that our community required a brick foundation for the sunroom, he told us that we could add the same brick around the front entryway to complement the siding.  We later added a new front door with sidelights to complete the exterior transformation.  They did a great job of coordinating with other contractors, such as for painting and our security system.  The manager was at our home regularly to ensure that everything stayed on schedule.



What began with the deafening sound of hail against our old siding led us to what we refer to as our ”vacation home at home”.  We cannot overemphasize how much we enjoy our new sunroom, which has become our favorite room in the house.  The French doors open up the kitchen to the sunroom.  We get an abundance of light even during the winter from the gabled roof with transom windows and glass knee walls.  In good weather we can enjoy the summer bug-free and the near-invisible screens provide a perfect view of the patio and the yard.  We eat meals in the sunroom whenever possible.  It truly is a four season room.


Entry Door with Sidelights


The new siding, window and garage trim and new front door look great and completely updated the look of our house.  We plan to remain in our home for many years to come and are glad that we were able to improve our home now, rather than waiting.  We get enjoyment out of our upgrades every day.  We appreciate the quality and professionalism of the company in all that they did for us.


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