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3 Unique Spring Wreaths for Entry Doors

Posted on Mon, Mar 19, 2012

 umbrella wreath on front door

Add some instant color and style to entry doors with a unique spring wreath.  Spring is a great time to add whimsy and color to our front doors and usher out the gloomy grey of winter.  Tired of the traditional round wreath with spring flowers?  Try one of the following ideas or come up with your own unique wreath; it will surely capture the attention of your neighbors.



Umbrella Wreath

April showers bring May flowers!  Spring is the season for the umbrella and what an interesting “container” it makes to display flowers on your front door.  Unban a full size umbrella and allow to flop open – do not put it up.  Tie a colorful contrasting ribbon in a pretty bow 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up from the tip (not handle).  Hang the umbrella on your door and place silk spring flowers in the folds that are draped open in the front.



Rain Boots Wreath

Use a pair of old rain boots or purchase a pair of children’s rain boots.  There are many fun patterned and brightly colored children’s rain boots widely available on the market today.  You might also try looking at second hand stores or thrift stores for a great deal.  Tie a long colorful ribbon to each boot; you may have to make a hole in the boot for the ribbon to go through.  Tie the top of the two ribbons together with a secure bow.  Hang the boots on the door and fill each boot with colorful spring flowers.  Get creative, create a bird’s nest with robin’s eggs in the boots or incorporate whimsical bugs and butterflies on floral picks.   



Colorful Monogram Wreath

Create a large letter, based on the first letter of your family’s last name, out of cardboard or purchase one from the craft store.   Next, choose an item to create some great texture to hot glue over the entire letter.  Your item can range from bow tie macaroni, large wooden beads or half sphere Styrofoam pieces the choices are endless.  Afterwards, pick out a contrasting spring color to your front door and spray paint the entire letter; it may require a few coats.  If you’d like, add a bit of sparkle with a final coat of iridescent glitter spray.  Finally, hang up the letter with a bright colorful ribbon.



Spring is a time filled with colorful flowers, blooming trees and chirping birds, why not get in the spirit with a unique springtime wreath!  Do you have a unique wreath idea?  We’d love to hear about it!


Photo Credit and Info:  Spring Wreaths



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