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The Medina County Home & Garden Show 2012

Posted on Mon, Mar 05, 2012

Medina Home & Garden Show

This year’s Medina County Home & Garden Show theme is Tuscan Gardens.  Think of the Old World Charm of Italy with gardens all abloom, blending with the beauty of the structures of their stucco homes and surroundings.  Of course, there are vineyards of bountiful grapes that will soon produce Italian wines we have come to love.  Take yourself there, at the 4th Annual Medina Home & Garden Show, March 10th and 11th.



Are you ever perplexed by which wine goes with what food?  Should you have white with pasta or is that red?  Tina Venus, from Buehler’s Fresh Markets, is doing several stage presentations on “Pairing Wines with Food”, just to help answer those exact questions.  Check out the stage schedule to make sure you get a good seat for her presentation.



Another one of those perplexing situations is when and how to prune our trees and shrubs to promote proper growth and blooms.  Do you trim them in the Fall or in the Spring?  How much can you or should you prune off?  Jansen Wehrley, an arborist from the City of Medina, is giving 4 presentations on this very topic.  Learn how to have the best looking trees and shrubs on your block!



There will be over 140 vendors in attendance this year with everything from landscaping to flooring to vinyl siding.  Come out and enjoy the show and get inspired for your next home improvement project!



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