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3 Tips for Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor

Posted on Sun, Mar 04, 2012

Home ImprovementHiring a well-qualified home improvement contractor can feel intimidating.  Here are 3 tips you can use to help hire your next  home improvement contractor to help increase your chances of a successful project. 



Go Local

There are many reasons to buy local beyond supporting local business and economy.  A local contractor has a bigger personal and business investment in satisfactory local business.  They have a reputation to maintain and having happy customers is an easy way to do so.  With an out-of-town contractor they have no investment in your satisfaction or any follow up services that may be needed. 




Do they have enough and up-to date liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance to protect you in case of an accident?  General liability is a must.  If the contactor does not have any and or enough, walk away from working with them.  Worker’s compensation pertains to companies that have more than one employee.  If the contractor is the only employee, then you want to inquire into the subcontractor they use and if they have worker’s compensation insurance. 




Look for a company that has been in business a good number of years with a track record.  Find out the company history, any awards or affiliations they may have and check their ratings with the BBB and third party consumer groups like Angie’s List.



Deciding to go forward with a major home improvement project is difficult enough.  Don’t regret your decision by not hiring a well-qualified contractor.  Don’t feel shy or imposing asking questions and needing further information before you sign any contract.  Most reputable companies will be happy to answer your questions and show you their insurance certificates and consumer ratings.



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