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Replacement windows with window grids?

Posted on Sun, Feb 19, 2012

Window grids

Window grids are the “dividers” within the window frame that create a pattern.  The most popular pattern is squares, dividing the window into equal symmetric squares, but diamonds and arched patterns are available as well.  Window grids work with many styles of homes including traditional, craftsman, cottage and contemporary.  Window grids are of personal preference and are a detail to be considered when replacing your existing windows.


Window grids can enhance your home with the detail they provide to the overall look of your home.  Maybe, currently you do not have grids and your windows look barren and utilitarian.  In this situation, adding grids to your windows could make them look more like a feature of your home.  Another thought would be to add grids to only the tops of double hung windows or as an accent in windows flanking a picture window.

Window grids are strictly aesthetic and are used to convey a style.  It can be a difficult decision to come to because generally today, grids are placed between the two pieces of glass which means there is no turning back.  If you are pondering grids and wondering what adding them to your windows would do to the look of your home, here is a suggestion.  Take a photo of your home in good light, blow it up to an 8 x 10 and change your windows by adding different configurations of grids.  Add the grids onto your windows with either narrow white or beige tape or for more flexibility cut narrow strips of paper to move around into various patterns.  It may take some time to lay it all out, but it will definitely give you a simulation of what your home could look like.


There are many varying opinions of window grids.  To grid or not to grid . . . that is the question!  What is your answer?  Do you like them or can you leave them?


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