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What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Posted on Fri, Jan 06, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

One of the best “return on investment” projects a home owner can do is to upgrade their kitchen.  A total kitchen remodel can be very expensive and put your kitchen out of commission for weeks.  A great alternative to a total rehab is to reface your existing cabinetry.

There are certainly considerations to take into account to make kitchen cabinet refacing a successful choice for your kitchen.  First, your cabinet frames or the main structure of your cabinets need to be in good condition.  Secondly, you don’t want to make any major changes in the layout of your kitchen.  It is generally no issue to add additional cabinetry or even a kitchen island, but to start moving cabinets around can compromise their structural integrity.



If you can meet these two considerations, kitchen cabinet refacing is a great option.  Cabinet refacing is the affordable, hassle-free, efficient way to upgrade your kitchen.  Essentially, cabinet refacing consists of removing all cabinet doors and drawer fronts, covering all exposed sections of the cabinetry frame to match the newly selected finish and then installing the new doors and drawer fronts with any chosen hardware or accessories.



Cabinet refacing is not only for the kitchen but is a great solution for bathrooms or offices, anywhere there are cabinets.  Want to complete the new look?  Add a new countertop of your choice.  Between these two elements, your kitchen will have a totally new look!  Would you consider refacing your kitchen cabinets?



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