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New Vinyl Siding for Great Curb Appeal

Posted on Thu, Dec 15, 2011

Vinyl Siding

New vinyl siding is one of the most impactful curb appeal home improvement projects that a homeowner can do.  Transform your home in only a few days into a beautiful “new” home with vinyl siding.  The biggest impact can be the color you choose.

With many color choices on the market for vinyl siding, it is no wonder that homeowners can get confused when it comes to selecting color.  There are those that will remain true to the traditional understated colors, while others will venture to do something more bold and outstanding.  According to a national survey by Sears Weatherbeater Paints, nearly 40 % of those polled preferred white.  The survey also concluded that the least favorable exterior colors were yellow and red.

Here’s a good tip.  If you want your home to look more updated and modern, take a drive around the newest developments and check out the colors being used on new homes.  You will probably find that many of the newer homes are in subtle neutrals like tan, grey, light brown or beige with shades of white for the trim.  Looking for a splash of color?  Consider your entry door for that accent, creating a wonderful focal point to your home.

Choosing a color for your new vinyl siding can feel overwhelming.  There are design programs that will simulate what your house would look like with different color choices.  Ask your vinyl siding design consultant if they have this capability as it will make your decision easier.



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