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3 Concepts for Decorating Your Sunroom for the Holidays

Posted on Tue, Dec 06, 2011


It is the holiday season and we are busy decorating inside and out.  Now is a great time to decorate your sunroom, if you choose seasonal items your decorating could last throughout the entire winter season.  It also does not take a lot of time or effort to transition your sunroom into a winter or holiday theme.


Nothing says holiday season more than the twinkle of lights.  Stringing lights around your sunroom, placing candles (electric) in the windows or putting up a Christmas tree in the room gives your room a special sparkle and feeling.    A fireplace can add warmth and charm too.  If you don’t have one, as an option, there are many free standing fireplaces available on the market from electric to gel fuel fireplaces.



Choose a theme for your decorating.  For instance, a winter theme could be “Fun in the Snow” with a set of skis, snow shoes or ice skates sitting out, warm plush throws placed over the sofa and chairs and a large faux fur rug on the floor.  Another theme could be “A Candy Christmas” with bowls of various candies about, a pink tree decorated with all candy ornaments and ginger bread houses on display.  The themes are endless, don’t have to be expensive and are also a great way to repurpose some of those older decorations/items around the house that we have grown tired of.



Choosing a color scheme can often anchor your rooms design so that it doesn’t look like it was thrown together.  A simple way to start is by choosing 2 or 3 colors of the same intensity that work well with your current home decor.  Meaning, pastels work well with other pastels and jewel tones work well with other jewel tones.  Or, get your color scheme from something that is inspiring or memorable, like an old photograph or favorite ornament.  Finally, add in something that sparkles like silver, gold or crystal and you are on your way to a beautiful sunroom.


The holiday and winter season is a fun time to decorate and create different moods in our homes.  Your sunroom is a perfect room to decorate for the holiday or season.  Do you decorate your sunroom for the holidays or winter season?  If so, share your ideas – we’d love to hear them!


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