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Variety of Railing Options for Decks

Posted on Sun, Nov 20, 2011


There are a variety of railing options for decks and each option can greatly alter the overall look of your deck.  The railing selection can be from the classic wooden posts and balusters to the contemporary look of glass.  The railing is the most visible feature of your deck so choose according to the color scheme of your deck and the style of your home.



Wooden/Composite Deck Railings

One option in creating your railing system around your deck is to add seating and/or planters around the perimeter of your deck, or possibly a section or two of your deck.  Utilizing wood or composite material does not mean that your railings have to be a simple post or baluster.  There are many creative designs and patterns that can be created with either of these materials.  As well, think in terms of color.  Using more than one color in your railing system can create a “wow” factor in the overall design.



Aluminum/Vinyl Deck Railings

Another option is aluminum or vinyl railings and balusters and one nice advantage is less maintenance.  There are various styles of handrails and balusters and similar to wood can be utilized in a variety of patterns and color options.



Glass or Cable Deck Railings

If you have a view you don’t want to obstruct or are looking for a more contemporary look to your deck, glass/acrylic or cable railings are a great option.  The glass/acrylic “railing” can be a single piece, separate smaller “rail” pieces or even constructed with color.  Cable railings can from baluster to baluster or made to go through each baluster.



Whichever style of railing system you decide for your deck make sure to do your homework first.  The design possibilities are endless.  Think of combining materials for a “wow” factor or compromising on your budget.  Some of the options can be expensive but using them as an accent can give you the look without exploding your budget.  Have a favorite rail style?  Tell us about it!

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