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How to Choose a Color for Your Front Door

Posted on Sun, Nov 13, 2011

Front Door

Your front entry door is the first thing that greets your guests and is a focal point of your home.  Just what color should it be?  You could go with a classic black or use a pop of color to create a true focal point.  The great thing about working with color and your front door, we’re not talking about a large space to paint and/or repaint (hopefully not).


Want to “try on” colors before you get the paint brush wet or invest in color after color of paint?  Here are a couple of suggestions:


Take a photo of your home, getting as close to your home while still keeping the whole house in the shot and with a good view of your front door.  Head off to the paint store and pick out your selections of color chips.  Trim them to fit over your front door in your photo and see how you like them. 


Or, take 4 or 6 “chips” of each of the colors you like and head off to the copy store.  Have them “blow up” the chip color to fill a whole sheet of paper and print 4 to 6 copies of the color.  When you get them home, tape them onto your door and view them from various distances and times of day to see which you like best.


Looking for some suggestions to get a starting point?  Barbara Meglis, a certified Interior Decorator and Home Stager from the Boston area, offers these ideas:


  • Light green house: Dark purple door (especially nice if you have lilacs and other purple flowers in your landscape) and white door trim

  • Dark green house: Rust red door or natural wood door and cream door trim

  • Light blue house: Dark red door or navy blue door with white door trim

  • Dark blue house: Maroon door (play up the nautical look) with cream door trim

  • Red house (or brick): Black door with brass accents  (classic) and white door trim

  • Brick house: Dark purple door (contemporary look) with light grout color door trim

  • Pink house: In the North, a black door. In the South, anything punchy. White door trim

  • Gray house: Navy blue door (maroon works okay too) with white door trim

  • Brown or tan house: Cream, rust, or black door with cream door trim

  • Yellow house: Black door, black shutters, white door trim (a classic look)

  • White house: Black, red or other dark rich color. In Florida, pick any color that’s bright and cheerful. White trim everywhere


Read her full blog on “Choosing Paint Colors for House Trim and Doors”.  She has some great suggestions and insights on how to create great curb appeal for many different styles of homes.  What color is your front door?


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