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Decks with Lighting for Partying All Night Long

Posted on Sun, Sep 18, 2011

Decks with lighting

Deck lighting can keep your party going beyond dusk.  Who wants to turn on the backyard flood lights at dusk?  That lighting option surely will kill the mood of your great party.   There are some great lighting options for decks to provide both mood lighting and safety lighting to assist your guest in moving around your deck.



Post Cap Lighting

Post cap lighting not only adds a nice accent to your posts around your deck, they can also add a generous amount of lighting to illuminate your deck.  Post cap lighting comes in a large variety of styles, finishes and power options.  Take into consideration the size and design of your deck, you want to spread the lighting out throughout the entire spans of the deck.  You may want to consider putting a light on every other post as opposed to every post. 



Post/Rail Accent Lighting

Post or rail accent lighting is any light mounted on to the post or rail.  Generally, this type of light is a light that is projected downward onto the deck floor.  It is a soft blanket of light, providing just enough light to light the deck floor.  These help to distinguish the perimeter of your deck.


Step Lighting

One of the biggest areas of safety concern is the steps on your deck.  Deck step lighting can assist your guests to maneuver your steps safely.  There are a couple of choices in selection of step lighting. The right choice depends on the overall design of the deck as well as the width of the steps.  Some of the choices include a recessed light in the rise of the steps or a post accent light positioned on the post to illuminate the steps.


Creating the proper mood and to safely light your deck so your guests can move around easily takes planning.  Make sure to take into consideration all your usages of your deck and all the lighting options you will need.  Dimmers are a great aid in creating several levels of lighting.  Remember it is easier to turn off extra lights than to wish you had more lighting. 



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