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Entry Doors: Make a Statement with Design Options

Posted on Mon, Aug 08, 2011

Entry Door

Your entry door creates a statement about your home and is a key element in the overall curb appeal of your home.  Along with the choice of materials for your entry door, from wood to fiberglass, there are many more choices in regards to design options.  The simple addition of sidelights changes the front door from a narrow entry to a light filled entrance.  Add decorative glass to reflect your homes personality and architecture.  Let’s explore some of the design options available for your entry door.



A transom is a window directly above the entry door.  The interesting point about this detail is that it can add additional light into your entry while adding beauty to your curb appeal.  Transoms can come in many shapes and styles from a simple clear glass rectangle to a curved top rectangle with grids or an etching pattern.




Sidelights are fixed narrow windows on either side of the door.  They are available in a variety of widths and glass combinations.  The addition of sidelights opens up the entry and adds a pretty “border” to your entry door.  Of course, since glass is being used, the additional light in your entry is a nice feature too.




The glass choices these days are seemingly endless and wonderful.  No longer is it just clear or “frosted” glass.  Decorative glass panels range from traditional to contemporary patterns that are either simple and clean or elaborate and intricate.  Looking for color?  Another option is a stained glass effect with the choices being from the simple addition of color here and there or a full panel of color.  Other glass options available are grids in a variety of patterns, privacy glass in various textures and blinds between the glass for convenience and control of privacy.



Hardware is the jewelry of the door.  You can choose subtle and understated or bold and obvious.  Once again the addition of this choice leads further and further to creating the perfect entry door for your home.  Today, door hardware is available in a multitude of finishes from hand rubbed bronze to bright polished brass. 
Creating a customized entry door is made easy by picking and choosing the decorative options that create a one of a kind door for your home.  After all, your entry door sets the mood for your home and is visible to all who enter, so choose carefully between all the design options.


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