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Enclosed Patio Rooms, 3 Great Ideas

Posted on Sun, Jul 17, 2011


Enclosed Patio Rooms

Creating an outdoor space is popular trend as people expand their living spaces to include the outdoors.  Enclosed patio rooms are a great way to transition from your home to the outdoors.  Having a space that is protected from the rain, scorching sun and pesky bugs allows families and friends to expand the amount of time spent in the outdoors.  There are three great options for enclosed patio rooms:  a year round sunroom, a three room sunroom or a screen room.



A Year Round Sunroom

Enclosing your patio with a year round sunroom gives you access to your patio throughout all seasons.  Imagine being able to enjoy your patio during a gentle snow with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.  This option allows you to make plans for either rain or shine, no party will need to be canceled or brought inside.  A year round sunroom has highly efficient windows, insulated walls and roof and has some type of HVAC unit to heat the sunroom in the cooler months.



A Three Season Sunroom

An enclosed patio with a three season sunroom gives a great extension of use of the patio.  A three season sunroom has an insulated roof and walls with energy efficient windows.  This style of enclosure protects against the elements and those pesky bugs and because the patio is enclosed with energy efficient windows, the warmth of an autumn or spring sun can make this enclosure a comfortable place to enjoy earlier and later into the seasons.



A Screen Room

A screen room gives you much more flexibility throughout the seasonal use of your patio.  A screen room gives you the overhead protection from the elements as well as the keeping away those pesky bugs.  Also, the screening allows you to enjoy the gentle breezes of a summer day or night.  A screen room can have electric options for interior lighting and/or ceiling fans.  These options help to keep the party going into the night with comforts of being inside.



Enclosing a patio will certainly give you an extended use of your patio – either further into the night, extended into the spring and fall or even year round.  Outdoor spaces are a popular space for families and friends to gather, choose the option that best suits your life style.  More importantly, once you decide, enjoy your enclosed patio room!


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