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3 Popular Designs for Decks in the Cleveland Area

Posted on Thu, Jul 14, 2011

Deck Design in Cleveland

Having a deck on your home provides a great space for entertaining, lounging and grilling out with family and friends.  Decks come in a variety of designs or layouts and can be customized to suit your taste or needs.  As well, decks can be made to any size, allowing you to configure the space with regards to outdoor furniture, deck accessories and your outdoor kitchen.  Your homes architecture will dictate the starting point, but your imagination can fill in the rest.  When considering a new deck or revamping your old deck, one of the following popular deck designs may suit your needs.



Raised Deck

A raised deck is just as it sounds – a deck raised above the ground or grade.  An example of this is when the back exit door/slider is a few feet above the ground.  Essentially it is a door that leads to “nowhere” but it could lead out onto a beautiful deck.  The deck would be constructed to fall comfortably below the door so you can easily and safely go in and out.  Because the deck is a few feet off of the ground, railings and stairs are needed for safety reasons.  Also, you may want to consider putting lattice or some style of skirting around your deck; helps prevent unwanted creatures from making a nice home for themselves under your deck.



Two Story Decks

A two story deck is built to accommodate the exit door/slider from the upper level of your home.  This design of decking requires proper supports for the height and weight to ensure safety for your family and friends.  This design of decking essentially gives you the addition of more than just one use of space, both the deck and the space below it.  The space below the two story deck, if high enough can be used as an additional entertaining space, the upper deck becomes a roof offering protection from the sun.  There is an under decking ceiling system which can be added to the underside of your deck for a finished and rain protecting option.  If the space is not quite high enough to accommodate walking under, then there is a possibility for storage space.



Multi-level Decks

Multi-level decks are a two or more decks that are joined via the use of stairways.  The multi-level deck is a great option with a sloping yard as it allows the deck to flow with it.  As well, the multi-level deck is a fun design option as it allows you to create unique spaces for a variety of functions.  For instance, you may have a hot tub that you would like out on your deck.  You could have one level of your deck dedicated specifically for the hot tub and the other level(s) for entertaining.  A multi-level deck can be incorporated with both a raised deck and a two story deck, the design options are endless.



A deck is a great addition to any home.  When considering what design you want your deck to be, take into account your home’s architecture, decking material, your needs and your optional design “wants”.  Considering these points in the designing of a new deck will yield you a deck to enjoy for many years to come.



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