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Three Benefits of Retractable Awnings in Cleveland

Posted on Fri, Jun 17, 2011

 Retractable Awning



Retractable patio awnings not only provide a stylish patio or deck cover providing protection from the sun, they can help save energy and cut energy costs.  According to a study conducted by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers, solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately 20% of the load on an air conditioner. Outside shade products like awnings prevent the solar radiation from penetrating through the glass and substantially increase energy saved when compared to film and tinted glass alternatives.  Along with energy savings there are definite benefits of owning a retractable patio or deck awning, let’s look at three.



Ease of use with motorized awnings


Now simply press a button and get cool shade and protection instantly.  Motorized awnings operate effortlessly in seconds, so you can control the weather on your deck or patio. Remote control operation lets you open and close your awning from anywhere, even from inside your home. With retractable awnings, the motor operates strong support arms that open and close directly under the awning canopy. No vertical support arms are needed leaving you with an open and clean look.




Awnings protect people and furnishings from damaging UV rays


A retractable awning will cover and protect you and your loved ones from damaging UV rays.  Allowing you and your guests to relax and visit in comfort and cooler conditions.  As well, the awning protects your furnishings, deck and patio by blocking the UV rays.  Preventing the sun from doing damage to your outdoor furniture, deck and patio, saving you time and money on maintenance in the long run.




Enjoy life in your own backyard with a retractable awning


An awning lets you outsmart the weather. It transforms your deck or patio into a beautiful semi-permanent "outdoor room", a shady retreat where you'll love to spend time. It keeps your family and patio furniture cool and protected from hot sun, passing showers, and harmful UV rays far better than a tippy umbrella or other shade devices. It can be as much as 20 degrees cooler under your awning. So don't settle for an ordinary awning, or a cheap knock-off. You don't have to compromise on beauty, features, protection, or simple and reliable operation. 



Outsmart the weather, save energy, and cut energy costs.  Consider either a manual or a motorized retractable awning to extend your backyard enjoyment for your home in Cleveland.


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