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In Cleveland, Sunrooms Create a Great “Staycation”

Posted on Sun, May 08, 2011



Cleveland sunrooms great staycation


Now more than ever, Cleveland families are considering staying home during a vacation period and creating an at home “staycation”.  A sunroom is a great room to add some fun and adventure for the whole family.  Because the sunroom feels like a different room from the rest of the house, it lends itself for the creation of special events and memories.  A sunroom can create an “oasis” for your family.




Consider camping out in your sunroom, open all the windows and bring out the sleeping bags.  Another thought would be to light a group of candles while sitting around on some pillows and telling campfire stories.  Or, create your own “in house” drive in with a DVD, popcorn and open windows to enjoy the night air without the bugs.  One last thought would to hold an all-day board game “world series”.


Whatever your activity choice, a sunroom is a great addition on your home for every member of your family.  Create your “oasis” today!  Also, keep in mind that a year round sunroom does not only provide a great place for a summer "staycation" but a winter "staycation" as well.  Where was your favorite family vacation? Share with us below in the comment section – we’d love to hear from you.


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