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Better Living with a Vinyl Sunroom

Posted on Thu, Apr 28, 2011


vinyl sunroom

A vinyl sunroom is a great addition to any home.  Vinyl is an excellent material for the construction of your sunroom.  There are points of consideration that make vinyl a better choice over aluminum and will make living in your sunroom a better experience.


Virtually Maintenance Free

Vinyl never needs painting; the color is throughout the material.  An aluminum sunroom normally has a 1 mill coating of paint which will need repainted over time.  Vinyl is also virtually scratch and impact resistance and easy to clean.  Aluminum will show scratches and dents and you have to be careful when cleaning as to not scratch the finish.  Over time, aluminum can oxide and/or rust, vinyl will not do either.



A Safer Material

Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity.  Because aluminum is a metal, it serves as a good conductor of electricity, sound and energy.  As a matter of fact, in 1955 during a copper shortage, aluminum was used as a replacement in wiring.  It did, however, prove to be disastrous as once the aluminum oxidized it no longer carried the current and caused overheating, power loss and even fires.  Vinyl is a non-conductor of electricity, sound and energy providing a safer sunroom for your family.

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Vinyl a Natural Insulator

Vinyl, naturally an insulator, allows homeowners to extend their patio room’s season because vinyl has much less heat loss than other building materials.  Aluminum loses 1416 BTU’s per hour vs. vinyl loses 1.3 BTU’s per hour.  As well, vinyl is naturally thermally broken, whereas aluminum requires thermal breaks to keep the inside warmer.




Vinyl is a preferred material for many products that are used on our home – vinyl siding, windows, etc. – therefore vinyl is a great choice to use to blend your sunroom addition to the rest of your home.  After all, you don’t want your sunroom to look like an afterthought. 


With a sunroom, you and your family and friends can enjoy the outdoors from the inside.  Choosing the material for your sunroom addition is an important decision.  The choice can lead to minimal maintenance, a safer room, better insulation and looks better on your home.  All of this can lead to further enjoyment in your new room and living better!


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