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Create a Unique Outdoor Space with a Patio Roof

Posted on Wed, Apr 27, 2011

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A patio or deck is a gathering place of friends and family for outdoor activities and events. A roof on your patio or deck helps to make it multi-seasonal so that you can enjoy the outdoors without too much sun or watch a rainstorm without getting wet. What will make you decide on one type of patio roof over another is mostly related to the style of your home and patio space.


Choice of Two Styles of Patio Roofs – Studio or Gable

Studio Style

studio patio roof overlay 








The studio style of patio roof normally is used on a ranch style home, however can be used on a two story or Colonial as well. It is a flat sloping type of roof and is fairly simple in design. One of the best materials to use for this style of patio roof is vinyl, as it is a very low maintenance construction material. Usually you can choose from several colors of vinyl for your roof. Another option is to have your patio roof shingled to seamlessly blend with your existing roof.  Don’t let the scorching sun or some rain ruin your outdoor plans. You can have picnics, serve drinks or simply lounge and unwind under a patio roof. A patio roof provides protection from the heat of the sun, can create a lower temperature on your patio or deck and will help prevent fading and sun damage to your patio furniture and/or decking.


Gable Style

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The Gable Style of a Patio Roof can be used on most homes. This style of roof is peaked and slopes to two sides. In most cases, this style is shingled for a seamless look to match your existing roof. The dual sloped gable roof allows for a higher cathedral ceiling, creating a sense of more space and light. A gable style room affords views of the outdoors and can be designed to match your home’s roof lines. A cedar beam can be added for warmth, style and luxury not found in other roof designs. The beam can be pre-wired for installation of a ceiling fan, track lighting or any outdoor light fixture. You be the designer, and think about what you want in a patio roof. Gables become a feature of your home to create style, function and individuality. Imagine the possibilities . . .



A Custom Patio Roof whether a Studio Style, or a Gable Style is designed for your needs. Choose the roof that suits your lifestyle and home. Also keep in mind you may want to consider changing your patio roof into a four season sunroom or screen room at a later time.


Photo Credit:  Patio flowers  freedigitalphotos.net/simonhowden


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