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6 Tips for Selecting the Best Sunroom or Window Company

Posted on Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Sunroom and Replacement WindowsYou have come to the conclusion that you want a sunroom on your home or replacement windows, now you need to find someone to properly complete these home improvement projects.   This is a big decision; after all, it is work on your home.  One of the best approaches is to educate yourself, get multiple in-home estimates and visit the showrooms of the companies you like.  Here are 6 tips to help you select the best sunroom/window contractor for your job.


1. Know the location/origin of the company

The location of the company is important for a few reasons.  You will want to deal with a local company that understands the local codes and laws.  These companies will have the knowledge to use the proper materials needed to pass all local inspections (which are there for your protection).  Also, a local company will be aware of the local weather patterns and local trends.  As you can imagine, a window designed for a home in Arizona would be quite different from a window in Maine.  There would not only be energy efficiency differences but also architectural differences. 


2. Visit their showroom

A showroom serves the purpose of being able to see the products before they are install.  This allows you to actually see how the product functions and operate them yourself.  You might also see other options that you had not thought about but would look great on your home.  Visiting a showroom with full size displays is a great opportunity to “try it on” before you buy. 

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3. How many years have they been in business?

Working with a well-established company is a great benefit.  A company’s length in business speaks to the trust it has earned in the communities it serves.  As well, a company that has been around for 10 or more years has worked out all the “kinks” and won’t likely “learn” on your project. 


4. Get references

Make sure the company you are considering has references, either video testimonials, written or perhaps even going by the homeowners home to see the work and speak with them.  References are indicators that the company does good work and aim to please their customers.  Ask for references for jobs that are as close to your own project as possible.


5. Are they affiliated with professional organizations?

A company interested in “keeping up” with the industry, trends and new products will be active members of one or two applicable trade organizations.  Generally, companies who are members will display these organizations logos somewhere in their literature or on their websites.  As well, it is also a benefit to you if they are involved in local business organizations like the BBB or local Chamber of Commerce.


6. Do they have proper printed documents and contracts?

Look for a company that offers product literature that is clear, concise and informative.  As well, make sure the company name, address, phone number and website are printed on the material.  You will want to make sure the contract and warranty is professionally written and printed.  As with anything that you are signing, read the contract!  Make sure that everything you are expecting to happen is written in the contract, not just a verbal agreement.



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