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Can I put a Screen Room on my Deck?

Posted on Fri, Apr 08, 2011

  screen room on a deckYou already have a deck which you enjoy, but there are those days which the bugs and sun are just too unbearable.  So now you are pondering putting a screen room on your deck to increase the time you will be able spend with friends with family in your outdoor space.  There are few details to consider as you are contemplating this option.  


Will my Deck Support a Screen Room?

One of the biggest questions will be if your existing deck supports a screen room?  Depending on when your deck was originally built, there is a possibility that your deck may need additional supports.  Your city or township more than likely has code requirements in regards to the requirements for post size and load, joist spans, height of railing and more.  Most of the building code requirements that apply to building decks are universal standards based on the physical properties of deck building.  However, there are often local variations because of different climates and material preferences.  In regards to the screen room, there are also code requirements in regards to the roof to meet the local weather conditions such as snow load. 


Increased Use

You are sure to use your new screen room much more than you used your previous deck. You can enjoy the summer days and evenings “bug-free”. Enjoy your family and your meals/cookouts, etc. without those uninvited pests. Your screen room may also have electricity from which you can light your room and spend time in your room well into the evening.  Additionally, the shade protection provided by the roof will keep you out of the hot summer sun while still experiencing the warmth and breezes of a nice summer day.


Improved Resale Value

The addition of a screen room will automatically improve the resale value of your home. In today’s market, people are looking for great outdoor spaces to extend their living space.  It is possible that if you would sell your home in the next ten years or so, you could recoup at least 75% of your cost.

Consider This . . .

Up until now we have been discussing adding a screen room on your deck. You just may want to think about a sunroom instead?  Which would you prefer - let us know!  Submit your comment below.

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