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Can I Put A Hot Tub In My Sunroom?

Posted on Tue, Apr 05, 2011

Many people would like to have a hot tub in their sunroom. Having a hot tub in your sunroom is a very popular amenity; however, make sure that you keep in mind that there will be large amounts of moisture inside of the room. Also, make sure that your new hot tub will be able to be physically placed inside your sunroom. If you have an existing sunroom, make sure to measure your openings to make sure your hot tub will fit through.



Sunroom Considerations

If you are going to purchase a hot tub in sunroomsunroom and put a hot tub in it, choose wisely.  Keep in mind you will need a sunroom that is built energy efficient and maintenance free. That means it should be constructed out of materials such as vinyl and not aluminum!  Also, you probably should consider having one or two skylights installed and perhaps a ceiling fan for ventilation purposes.  Your hot tub will be very heavy, so you will need to make sure your sunroom has the proper structural support for the hot tub. Another consideration will be your choice of flooring, remember with a hot tub in the room you are bound to get some splash-over water onto the floor. Perhaps ceramic tile would be a good choice for flooring?  At least it’s something to think about.


Year Round Use & Privacy

Installed in your sunroom you can use the hot tub all year long.  In the colder months you will not have to scamper through the snow or across an ice-cold deck. You can enjoy the soothing comfort of the hot tub as you can care less as to what the weather is outside. Privacy is another reason a hot tub in your sunroom is a good idea. Enjoy the hot tub experience without feeling that you are on display for the neighbors.


Energy Savings

Having a hot tub in your sunroom you will find that you will save energy in two ways. First, the hot tub will use far less energy to stay hot because it is inside the sunroom.  Second, the room itself will not require as much energy to keep it warm as the hot tub will help heat it. In the summer months, just open up your windows,skylights, etc. and enjoy the summer breezes as you relax in your hot tub in your sunroom. 


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