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Top 5 Benefits of a Sunroom Skylight

Posted on Sun, Mar 20, 2011

When designing your Sunroom, you may want to consider adding one or several skylights.  Sunroom skylights can either be fixed or ventilating (operate to open & close). Skylights offer many benefits to a sunroom (also known as a florida room, patio room or patio enclosure).


Here are the Top 5 Benefits of a Sunroom Skylight:


1. It's A “Must Have” Feature

A skylight is not necessarily conducive to every Sunroom Skylightssunroom, but for many sunrooms a skylight or two can add that extra finishing touch. They kind of complete the mood of being outdoors (while being protected from the elements). Skylights can also give the feeling of relaxing in the comfort of your own backyard, enjoying the scenery, the breezes, etc.





2. Ventilation

Adding Skylights will also add ventilation to your room. You will have better air flow when having the windows open in the summer time. Your room should never be stuffy. Remember heat rises and a skylight will help dissipate this, thus keeping your room cooler. Having better ventilation will also be helpful if you have a hot tub in your room.


3. Additional Light

Depending on your sunroom's exposure, your room will have more light without the maintenance and expense of a full glass roof. A skylight helps to brighten any sunroom with out additional expense of artificial lights. More, a brighter sunroom will also bring more light into the adjoining room (typically the kitchen, family room or bedroom). 

Note: It's important to install a quality, insulated skylight that has LoE glass. Some skylights are plastic and do not have good insulating values and can actually add substantial heat to a room. Visit our article Energy-Efficient-Windows-Glass-Coatings-Low-E-Explained to learn more about LoE glass.


4. More Comfortable and Healthy

The most neglected option in any sunroom design is climate control. A simple skylight can help regulate the temperature year around. If you have a solid roof, a skylight can be a great idea. It will let additional natural sunlight in making the room more inviting and provides adequate temperature control when needed. In the wintertime you will enjoy some passive solar heating (just make sure it's an energy efficient vinyl skylight with LoE smart glass).


5. The “WOW” factor…

Sunroom Skylight More LightBy adding a sunroom, you will instantly increase your sunroom's WOW factor and resale value because your sunroom will become the favorite room in the house. A skylight makes a room feel more open, airy and like you are actually outisde.





Please note: Skylights cannot be added to every sunroom roof. A minimum 3/12 pitch is required by most skylight manufacturers to ensure proper drainage around the skylight.




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