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2010 Home Improvement Giveaway Winner

Posted on Sat, Feb 26, 2011

The 2010 55th Anniversary $10,550 Giveaway Winner


Home Improvement Giveaway WinnerWhat would you do with $10,000 in home improvement products from Joyce Factory Direct?  Joanne Grundke who entered our 2010 Giveaway at the 2009 Fabulous Food Show, although initially in disbelief that she had really won, knew exactly what she would do.  


Joanne and her husband Russell Grundke run Hiram House Camp in Chagrin Falls. Located on 172 acres of pristine land, simply put, the mission of Hiram House is to enrich the lives of children through camping. Hiram House Camp has been in existence since 1896, being one of the oldest camps in the country. Throughout its many years Hiram House Camp has helped thousands of area youth build character and self esteem and continues to play a vital role in helping prepare our youth to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The decades of use of the facilities by active youth has taken its toll, so the winnings for Joanne and Hiram House Camp came at a perfect time.


Home Improvement WindowsThe decision was made to replace badly needed windows at Taylor Hall , a main hub of the camp. The windows were literally falling apart - unable to open or close all the way, grids missing and  missing screens. This project would definitely make a huge impact on the camp and  functionality of the building. 


The results are amazing! The new windows are now in and look spectacular. The completion of this project of replacement windows helped to complete phase one of the Master Plan to transform Taylor Hall into a multi-functioning Activity Center.  Taylor Hall is open and now available to rent for both private or community functions.  Phase two of the Master Plan looks to create break out meeting spaces and eventually an interactive Nature Center. 


Home Improvement Replacement Windows

Dear Brian (VP of Joyce Factory Direct), 
Your crews did a great job!  Pleasure working with you and your company.
Russell R Grundke
Executive Director
The Hiram House 


So, now that you know what Joanne and Russell did with their winnings - what would you do? This year, you have the opportunity to win not just $10,000 but $15,000 worth of Joyce Factory Direct home improvement products! 


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What would you do with $15,000?  Imagine the Possibilities...


$15,000 Giveaway Contest



Share with us below what projects you would complete on your home if you are this year's winner.



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