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Top 5 Reasons to Enclose a Deck & Create a Sunroom

Posted on Fri, Feb 04, 2011

Living in Northern Ohio there are several reasons to have your deck enclosed to transform your existing deck to a full screen room or sunroom. Many decks get upgraded every year.  An enclosed deck will keep you dry and insect-free. When a screen room is built on a deck, one can enjoy the outdoors and the refreshing breezes all summer long and into the fall without concern for rain or extreme temperatures. 

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Enclose a Deck:


Add Value to Your Home 

One of the best reasons to enclose your deck is that it is an industry fact that an enclosed space adds value to your home. It is an enclosed area that can add valuable amenity square footage to your home that you can use for most, if not all, of the year. You can often save on foundation costs if your deck meets your local building code requirements.  Consult a professional to determine the additional weight and load that your deck will have to be able to withstand to meet code. 

 Enclose Deck Patio Room

Reduce your Annual Maintenance

No more worrying about cleaning leaves or sticks off your deck before you entertain. And you can finally stop the annual power washing, painting, staining and sealing. You do not have constantly take your patio furniture or cushions inside and outside to keep them dry and protected. There is no better place to enjoy the company of friends and family than in your new enclosed room. 


Enjoy the Outdoors, Indoors

In your new deck enclosure you can add electrical outlets, track lighting, ceiling fans, and many other features.  With an enclosed deck, you will be able to enjoy this space for an extended season if not all year round.  You also don't have to worry about always having to clean up everything immediately after being outside.  Feel free to bring your belongings into the house later without concern for rain or wind. With a new outdoor room, it’s like every day is a vacation in your own back yard.

New deck enclosure walls


Feel Like You Are Outside 

Fiberglass mesh screens are commonly used in most screen rooms and sunrooms (also known as enclosures).  Full screens outside of operating windows allow you to open all the windows in the sunroom to get full ventilation and the feeling that you are truly outside.  Recently, screening technology vastly improved.  Screens are now able to be manufactured with a tighter and finer mesh pattern.  The resulting screen is almost invisible to the naked eye!  The visibility and light transmittance from the inside is excellent.  More, the airflow is also improved giving you a better breeze throughout your room making you feel like you are truly outside while comfortly enjoying the protection from the elements inside the room.  Many deck enclosure owners often love those soft, summer rainy days.  The relaxation and smell of fresh rain, while being completely dry in an enclosure, is a the best way to unwind on those leisurely afternoons.


One More Reason 

One more reason to have your deck enclosed is that should you later want to upgrade it into a Four Season Sunroom (or year round sunroom, it can be arranged if the contractor knows in advance. Remember that a year round vinyl enclosure is the best for insulating against the elements and the most energy efficient.


If you are planning to enclose your deck, first ask yourself what benefits would I gain by enclosing my deck.  Then, consult a professional and determine what your options are and what will work best for your family and home.

Four season deck enclosure




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