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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Winter

Posted on Sun, Oct 30, 2011

We are nearing the days when the temperatures will be dipping into what most of us consider “cold”.  As well, the calendar will be reflecting the next season, winter.  There are simple things we can do around our home to make them more energy efficient and comfortable this winter.


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Why an Oasis Sunroom?

Posted on Fri, Oct 28, 2011

An Oasis® Sunroom is custom designed for your home, not forced to fit your home. In addition, there are a variety of features, options, and benefits available in an Oasis® sunroom. With the Leisure Room® Series, an all vinyl sunroom looks like it was meant to be part of the home, not an afterthought.



Vinyl is the main visible component in our rooms. Oasis® sunrooms utilize the thermal and aesthetic properties of vinyl to create the best sunroom product. A vinyl sunroom maximizes your room’s enjoyment and efficiency because vinyl offers many benefits over other metal rooms.


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2012 Trends in Colors for Your Home

Posted on Sat, Oct 22, 2011

Wanting to stay on top of color paint trends?  Benjamin Moore® has released its’ paint color trends for 2012.  They have four distinguishing color palettes each consisting of five different colors.  Each palette has neutrals, whites and a colorful accent or two.   They have named each of their palettes:  Earth & Sky, Eclectic Elegance, Spiced Life and Sense & Sensibility.

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Four Basic Replacement Window Styles

Posted on Sun, Oct 16, 2011

Windows let light into our home, gentle breezes in and their screens keep the bugs out.  Windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  Used alone or in combination most of us have more than one window style in our home.  Let’s explore four basic window styles.


Double or Single Hung Windows

The most popular style of window is the double hung window.  This style is traditional with the window opening up and down or vertically.  Each glass unit is set into a framework called a sash, on a double hung window both the upper and the bottom sash move.  Being able to open either the top or the bottom for air circulation gives the homeowner more options in creating comfort within our homes.  A single hung window has a stationary top sash with only the bottom sash able to move or open.  Screens are place on the outside of the window.


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What are the Advantages of Fiberglass Entry Doors?

Posted on Sat, Oct 15, 2011

Entry doors come in a variety of materials like wood, multi-density fiberboard, steel and fiberglass.  Fiberglass is the newest of these materials available for entry doors.  Fiberglass has many benefits like low maintenance, won’t rot, deteriorate or rust and are secure.

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Why Do I Have Condensation On My Windows?

Posted on Fri, Oct 07, 2011


It’s great fun for the kids to draw in the condensation on the windows of the bus, but what does it really mean in your home?  Should you reduce the humidity in your home, get replacement windows or simply enter your kids in art class?   


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Decks: Adding Autumn Touches Extends Deck Usage

Posted on Thu, Oct 06, 2011

You love your deck; you spend a great amount of time on it throughout the summer.  Between the family gatherings, cooking out and simply relaxing our decks are an extension of our home in the warmer months.  Now that autumn is upon us, changing a few elements on our decks will invite us all to spend more time on it during this cooler season.


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