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3 Tips for Entertaining on Your Back Deck This Fall

Posted on Mon, Aug 29, 2016

Fall_deck.jpgWhen you think about entertaining outdoors, you might think about doing so during the warm spring and summer months. However, just because the weather is turning crisper does not mean that you have to bring the party indoors. Instead, consider these three tips for entertaining on your back deck this fall.

1. Add a Heat Source

First of all, adding a heat source can help make outdoor entertaining a whole lot more pleasant during the fall months. Consider a fire pit, which can be purchased relatively affordably at a mass market retail store or home improvement store and which can be placed just about anywhere. You can find them in different sizes and price ranges, so you should be able to find one that is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Another option is an outdoor fireplace, which can be a bit more expensive but can be a great option for adding style, decor and warmth to your outdoor space.

Lastly, you can consider a small indoor/outdoor space heater. Just make certain that you choose one that is rated for outdoor use, and make sure that you have a way of plugging it in (if you choose an electric model) without having to use an extension cord to do so, which can be dangerous. Safety is always first when it comes to any heating source.  Consult with a professional to make sure that your choice of heat source is compatible with your deck.


2. Cozy Up

In the summer, you might have welcomed brightly colored outdoor furniture and decor. However, now that the temperatures are changing, it's time to cozy up your outdoor space.

One good option is to look for outdoor-friendly throw pillows that you can add to your patio furniture. Look for warmer, fall-friendly colors like orange and brown. This is a great way to cozy things up and prepare your back deck for fall.

Another great option is to supply blankets and throws for you and your guests when you're outdoors. The temperatures can drop suddenly during the fall months, so you'll want to be prepared. Consider choosing a few lightweight but cozy throws that you don't mind leaving outside. To store them, look for an outdoor-friendly storage option, such as an outdoor storage bench that closes securely or a large storage container with a lid. Then, whenever you or your guests want to cozy up against the crisp fall air, it will be a breeze to do so.


3. Choose the Right Time of Day

In the summer, you might have always scheduled your outdoor shindigs for the later hours of the day. With longer days and with hotter temperatures during midday, this only makes sense. However, when entertaining outdoors on your deck in the fall, you may want to change your timing a little bit. Consider starting your events in the afternoon, when the temperatures are warmer, and drawing things to a close shortly after dark, when things cool down. This can help you and your guests stay warm, and it can also be a better fit for fall schedules, which might be a bit more rigid for your guests than the hours that they keep during the summer.

As you can see, there is truly no reason to restrict fall entertaining to the inside of the house. Instead, if you make a few adjustments, you can continue entertaining outdoors all fall long. Then, you can actually enjoy the outdoors when it isn't quite so hot and when you may not have to worry about as many insects, and you and your guests can take in the crisp fall air and the beautiful, colorful fall leaves. Just follow these tips, and you're sure to see that outdoor entertaining truly is an option during the fall months, when you might otherwise move the party to the inside of the house.


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