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Enclose a Second Story Deck with a Sunroom for Terrific Views

Posted on Sat, Sep 10, 2011

 Deck Enclosure Sunroom

In the spring of 2007, the client expressed desires of “enclosing” the second floor of their existing two story deck.  On their existing home, the client had a removable fabric awning that served its seasonal purpose by covering the deck, but presented a setup and removal issue every spring and fall.  Additionally, the awning was physically and visually undesirable to them, especially in the winter with just the framing present. 



The clients wished to have a room that they could use year round, but not lose any part of their view overlooking the pond in their backyard.  An all glass vinyl sunroom was the perfect solution.  A sunroom incorporates large windows as the main component in construction and is designed around the view.  The client wanted the room to be a large space to easily accommodate a large party or family gathering. 












Some of the project limitations included trying to work within a certain budget by attempting to use the existing two story deck, while enclosing a large portion of the existing deck to create a giant sunroom.  Unfortunately, the existing deck was not strong enough to support the new sunroom.  We creatively added key supports in multiple areas throughout the deck to cost effectively increase the strength of the deck to meet code.

The project had some other challenges due to building limitations within the neighborhood’s association.  The material had to match exactly to the existing structure.  Thus, we chose a vinyl sunroom that matched the color identically to the existing structure (clay/sandstone).  Cedar trim was also used to accent larger areas of vinyl (corner posts and electric mullions) and make it appear like a part of the home.  Furthermore, shingles were added to match the existing roof exactly as well.  The result was a large glass sunroom that matched the home very well.


Another concern of the client was making sure that the existing grill could be kept in its present location and still be fully functional.  This required the room to be built over only a portion of the existing deck.  This was a challenge because it changed the load distribution and required specific supports in the attempt to bring the deck up to structural code to support the room. 

Deck Enclosure












Overall, the sunroom was a major success.  The sunroom and deck are fully functional and aesthetically appealing matching the exterior beautifully.  The client now enjoys a large, bright sunroom that is able to use year round and enjoy their fabulous view.

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